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Customer Service

ACA International provides clients with access to its expert Customer Service Team that is focused on providing complete and accurate Order Tracking

The Customer Service Team is highly experienced in dealing with suppliers originating from anywhere around the world to obtain critical information.Our team will:

  • Receive your Purchase Orders and place them with an ACA office closely located to your supplier
  • Confirm your terms of purchase with the supplier - this could include buying terms, mode of transport, type of equipment or any other special instructions you may have
  • Monitor Ready Dates from Suppliers and report variances
  • Co-ordinate Shipments from Multiple Suppliers, consolidating these orders to maximise Container or Pallet Utilisation resulting in reduced per unit cost and generating price efficency for customers
  • Review your Delivery Dates to determine the most efficient dispatch approach
    • Utilise Transhipment Seafreight Vessel instead of Direct Seafreight Vessel if delivery date permits
    • Advise that Priority/TACT Airfreight Services and not General Airfreight Services are required to meet critical deadline
  • Ensure urgent deliveries are moved through our Network at Origin and in Australia to ensure best possible delivery outcomes for urgent shipments
  • Provide quotes and introduce your local ACA International Sales Representative
  • Assist and direct you through our Web Site to access Order Forms Bookings/Orders, Quote Requests and Import Vessel Schedules, Sailing Schedules, Container Capacity -Air and Sea , Conversions , IMCO Terms, AQIS Regulations and other information – Australian Shipping Guide

The Customer Service Team is supported by a complete and detailed Web based Tracking System, Comet webTracking, that will Order Track by a variety of Profiles, including;

  • Purchase Order & Line Item
  • Item/Product Number
  • Supplier
  • Ex Factory Dates
  • Delivery Dates
  • Mode
  • Shipping Status – ie. Notification stage or confirmed Stage
  • Vessel
  • Container Number
  • Part Description

Our system will provide KPI reporting on various milestones that are flexible and can be built to your needs. It has the capability of receiving Electronic Files from any system through advanced Middleware, which means your orders can be uploaded into our system at the same time you are dispatching to your supplier. If you don’t have this capability you can insert the orders through our own Network and they will automatically upload into our Tracking System, or ACA will upload your orders manually from information provided by you or your suppliers.