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Frequency change to NEMO service Europe to Australia

Due to ongoing delay to vessels on the North European and Mediterranean coast line of approximately 14 days , the operators of the only direct service to Australia, referred to as NEMO, have altered the schedule to fortnightly from Northern Continent and fortnightly from the Mediterranean. Their service continues to be a weekly service , however it will alternate between North European and Mediterranean ports.  

The change in service has been in place since late January however has only officially been advised in Oceania during April.  

North Continent ports : London Gateway, Rotterdam Hamburg, Antwerp , Le Havre.

Mediterranean ports: Fos Sur Mer, La Spezia, Gio Taura, Malta.

Port Rotation Australia : Sydney ,Melbourne, Adelaide then  Fremantle.

This will result in delays to some departures , transhipment options are available, however transit times are variable due to ongoing delays through South East Asian transhipment ports and will not always result in earlier arrivals.

Your sales contact will update you on options and impacts to sailings.