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The Trans Taz service operated by ANL will have significant change to its port rotation as a result of the ongoing congestion and delay on sailings between Australia >New Zealand>Australia. 
Effective from MV  Safeen Prime Voyage 2217( Eastbound ) 2218 (Westbound) Wellington and Nelson will be dropped as  direct port calls until the end of July 22. The service has been dropping various ports ad-hoc in recent weeks.
Please see the below notice from ANL providing a detailed overview of the changes.
This means that exports from Wellington will sail to Australia via Auckland and exports from Australia will sail to Wellington via Tauranga. Unfortunately this will increase the cost of ocean freight services to Wellington.
The shipping landscape has evolved significantly in the last two years however our focus remains on the requirements of our customers.
In recent times, the delays at some container terminals in Australia and New Zealand have caused several voyages to be lost from our schedules. This left ANL unable to adequately support the requirements of our customers.
To rectify this position, ANL will alter the rotation of the Tranztas service until the end of 2022. This new rotation will give ANL some buffer in the schedule to ensure the service can return to the agreed berthing windows, and maintain our advertised schedule.
We fully understand that this will alter some the transit times for cargo, but the upside is that it will give us more voyages, and enable more cargo to be moved across the Tasman.
The rotations are as follows:
You will note,  both Wellington and Nelson are removed from the new rotation.
We will still service the two ports with the below arrangements:
Imports : To be discharged in Auckland and carried to WLG on our KIX/ANZEX services
Export: To be loaded in Wellington on KIX/ANZEX and discharged in Tauranga for connection.
Imports: To be discharged in Auckland and carried to NEL on the Pacifica service
Exports: To be loaded in Nelson on the Pacifica service and discharged in Tauranga for connection.
ANL will work with Pacifica to ensure the Nelson volumes are protected, and will experience a more reliable connection under the new arrangements. The Pacifica Nelson calls will be increased to weekly.
The commencement of the new rotation will start with the following voyages.
Safeen Prime  V2217/2218 in Tauranga 1/10
Moana Chief V4433/4434 in Nelson 26/9 and in Tauranga 28/9
We believe that by making these changes we will be able to provide more Tranztas voyages for customers on both sides of the Tasman, and it provide better frequency out of Nelson by partnering with Pacifica to create more schedule efficiencies.
ANL has been a long-time supporter of the Nelson market with direct calls, and it is purely in the spirit of providing a better service to all of our customers that we make this change
We thank you all for your patience and loyal support, and we look forward to providing an even better service going forward.