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Melbourne Airport Ground Handling Delays

Further to our advice of delays in processing earlier this week at Toll Dnata Melbourne . Unfortunately delays are continuing within Toll Dnata operations in their Melbourne facility. 
Aircraft arriving on 9TH September are still being processed by the ground handling facility and so  backlog is building with arriving aircraft.
Toll-Dnata is appointed by the airlines to complete their unload and clearance operations within the airport control and so the carrier used will determine the ground handling facility.
Toll-Dnata provides ground handling for:
AWB NO             CODE                   NAME
001                      AA                         American Airlines Cargo
016                      UA                        United Airlines
079                      PR                        Philippines Airline          
098                      AI                          Air India
112                      MU                       China Cargo Lines
173                      HA                        Hawaiian Airlines
176                      EK                        Emirates Airlines
607                      VA/EY                   Etihad Airlines
695                      BR                        EVA Airlines
731                      MF                        Xiamen Airlines
784                      CZ                        China Southern Airlines
649                      629                       Royal Brunei Airlines
880                      HU                        Hainan Airlines
These carriers are some of the largest carriers particularly from China and Europe.
Our customer service teams can look at alternative operations e.g. from China Singapore or China Air however it may result in hubs being used that can result in-transit delays and additional cargo handling.
Other ground handling facilities are currently not experiencing the same level of delay.