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Unsurprisingly, the global cost of oil has steadily increased recently, and this has been reflected in our rates from various shipping lines.  Due to the Labour Day holidays in China, we have just received delayed notification starting May 1 for Evergreen (EMC), OOCL and ZIM shipping Lines that they have increased their Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF), Fuel Cost Recovery (FCR) / IMO2021 Surcharges.

EMC increased from USD146/20’ & USD292/40’ to USD208/20’ & USD416/40’
OOCL increased from USD374/20’ & USD748/40’ to USD452/20’ & USD904/40’
ZIM increased from USD420/20’ & USD840/40’ to USD554/20’ & USD1108/40’

As always, we pass these fees on at cost & we will need to update and resend previously submitted quotes to reflect the changes.

Please reach out to your customer service representative if you have any questions.