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Measures to prevent the introduction of foot and mouth disease into Australia - Indonesian Goods

There is currently an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Indonesia. Due to this change in disease status, Indonesia will be removed from the FMD-free country list.

To reduce the risk of a potential incursion and help Australia maintain its current FMD-free status the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has taken the decision to make changes to import conditions for goods imported from Indonesia.

Changes will apply to import conditions and permits for the following goods sourced from or manufactured in Indonesia:

  • Animal and environmental samples for laboratory use
  • Dairy, including:
    • cheese and butter
    • infant formula
    • protein powders and supplements
    • cheesecakes, cooked biscuits, cooked breads, cooked cakes or cooked pastries containing uncooked dairy fillings or toppings
    • other products containing greater than 10% dairy
  • Meat jerky or biltong
  • Peat (being black peat, peat moss, sphagnum peat moss or white peat)

DAWE will contact all permit holders affected by this change to provide further information about the impact.

ason, we will keep you updated on measures for the 2022/23 BMSB season in due course, once they are made available by DAWE.