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Commencement of the 2022-23 BMSB Risk Season – 1 September

With the commencement of the Brown Marmorated stink bug (BMSB) risk season today (1st September), ACA International would like to remind their clients of the below measures.

For the 2022-2023 BMSB risk season, measures will apply to:

  • certain goods manufactured in, or shipped from target risk countries, and/or
  • vessels that berth at, load, or tranship from target risk countries
The measures apply to goods that have been shipped between 1 September 2022 and 30 April 2023 (inclusive).
Target high risk goods shipped between 1 September 2022 and 30 April 2023 (inclusive) require mandatory treatment.
The following countries below have been categorised as target risk:
Screenshot 2022 09 01 150516
For a list of Target High risk goods and Target risk goods please click here:
The following countries have been identified as emerging risk countries for the 2022-2023 BMSB season and may be selected for a random onshore inspection: United Kingdom and China
  • China – random inspections will apply to goods shipped between 1 September to 31 December (inclusive)
  • United Kingdom – random inspections will apply to goods shipped between 1 December to 30 April (inclusive)
In addition to the target high risk goods, chapters 94 and 95 will be subject to random inspections for emerging risk countries.