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The Trans-Tasman trade continues to experience long delays to schedule arrival/departure

As we have previously advised the Direct trans-Tasman service, TTZ , operated by ANL calls at multiple port to New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington and Lyttleton.

The service has regularly been unable to complete its rotation within its scheduled 21 day cycle. The delays in-transit continue to impact on its rolling 12 months frequency , normally 52, but currently operating between 37 and 39 sailings per year.

This means that instead of a sailing every 7 days, its now pushing out to every 9 days (on average). The reality is that sailing gaps may be up to 2 weeks.

In an attempt to recover its schedule the service continues to omit ports and unfortunately that is often Wellington or Lyttleton.  

Delays and congestion are continuing in New Zealand ports , current vessel MV Safeen Prime will have to wait 11 days to get a berth  in Tauranga. The vessel arrives into Tauranga on the 8th of July but will not berth until 19th July.

This will impact on all schedules as export cargo from New Zealand is diverted to other sailings to avoid the delay or for containers already packed and received delay in awaiting the vessel arrival and subsequent departure.

We understand the difficulties in supply the delays cause , ACA International offices in New Zealand and Australia are managing alternative’s if available and will continue to update you on changes.